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Train your brain to become more adaptable

I am going to assume that all of us are trying to get better at something. Most of the times this involves going through some form of change: learning to do something new, doing something differently or stopping a bad habit altogether.

There is a lot of literature that covers how people deal with change, so I’m not going to focus on this aspect. Also, I’m not necessarily preoccupied with dealing with external change. That may be the topic of another post.
Suffice to say that most of us resist change (at least initially) and would rather continue to do things as we know and have always done it, instead of experimenting with new ways and getting out of our comfort zone.

That being said, I believe that in order to better deal with change (both imposed from the outside, as well as triggered by our own desire to change), we need to learn how to deal with our emotions and stress levels while managing the change process.

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